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Welcome to FACULTY, an online magazine for Australian educators. This publication prides itself on offering opportunities to members across all parts of the wide and diverse education community in Australia.

Developed in April 2014, by then QUT undergraduate education student Nathan Watts. FACULTY has grown to be a well respect journal of opinion, research and evidence based practice from educators who come from early childhood environments, schools, vocational colleges and tertiary institutes.

There are many definitions that fit the term educator, but we at FACULTY feel that the following is the most accurate: a student of the theory and practice of education. For life, in itself, is an educational experience and every day is a new learning opportunity, as we reflect grow and improve our practice.

One of the core philosophies we adhere to is that knowledge increases by sharing but not by saving. We encourage anyone who is involved in education whether they are a Teachers Aid, Undergraduate learning to become an educator, all the way up to a lecturer to share their knowledge and ideas with others.

On our website, you will find links to all our past issues, information on our team and guidelines for submission.

Enjoy your visit to FACULTY: Online Magazine for Australian Educators.               


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    Ashleigh Willoughby-Green (Friday, 25 November 2016 03:11)

    Hi I was just wondering how I can subscribe to your magazine